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Meet Our Fabulous & Dedicated Staff

Kate Bradley

Nominated Supervisor



Hello! My name is Kate and I’m the Nominated Supervisor at North Ringwood Pre-School. 

I have a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) from RMIT and a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Melbourne. 

I’ve worked in Early Childhood for almost 10 years now and my favourite thing is that no two days are the same. The children make me laugh and I try and make them laugh too. My favourite thing to do is sit in the home corner with some 

children drinking pretend cups of tea and coffee and talk about our lives. When I’m not at kinder I am at home dreaming of places

 to travel to next with my husband and my two sons Roy and Rupert.

Briony Sawtell

4 Year Old  Teacher

Hello families,

I am so very excited to begin my journey with North Ringwood Preschool this year and hope for many more to come.

I have been in the Early Childhood industry for around 14 years, and teaching for around 4 of those years - in the long day care sector with a bachelors degree from Monash University.

I am extremely passionate about the importance of quality education for early childhood and the positive outcomes this can have on children’s future academic success.

I adopt a ‘critical-theory’ approach, while also believing strongly in the importance or socio-cultural pedagogical lenses. This means the I believe that children learn most from their families and communities and because of this I encourage as much family and community involvement and participation as possible. I am also very passionate about embedding Indigenous and Torres Strait perspectives within our curriculum and recognise the importance of creating connections within our community. I am a huge advocate for the agency of children and encourage students to become independent and resilient.

Looking forward to learning and growing with all the families and children within this wonderful community!

Belinda Lyall

4 Year Old Teacher

My name is Belinda, and I am the Eastern Spinebills 4 year old teacher at North Ringwood Preschool.

After a successful career in the fashion industry, overseas travel and starting a family I found a new interest in child development watching with fascination my own children learn and grow. This transpired into a new career path, completing a Diploma in Childcare whilst living abroad. Teaching in the Middle East brought exciting opportunities as well as challenges, through the expansive expat community, cultural diversity and different languages. Upon returning home to Australia I commenced my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education graduating in early 2018, enabling me to further pursue my passion for learning and child development through educating young children.

I was honoured to receive the 2018 Alfred Deakin Medal, named after Australia’s second Prime Minister. This medal is awarded to the student who has the highest undergraduate academic record in their faculty (Arts and Education), as well as their contribution to the community in which they studied, worked and lived during their time at Deakin.

I live in Ringwood East with my husband James and three children Felix, Angus and Tilly, as well as our crazy dog and my new brood of chickens! I love spending weekends out in the garden, going camping with my family, watching the footy or sitting behind my sewing machine.

Claire-Marie Thomas

3 Year Old Teacher

This is my ninth year teaching at North Ringwood Preschool. This year I am teaching our wonderful threes with Lynn. I am passionate about children having a wonderful childhood and the freedom to play. Teaching in the Early Childhood field has always been my first career choice and I’ve been a teacher for 34 years. I particularly enjoy getting to know the children, telling stories and fostering children’s creativity and imaginary play. During my career I’ve worked in a range of settings in play based Kindergartens, in city and rural areas, including running a mobile Pre-School Service, teaching primary in London and working as a live in nanny for Kinder age children in New York. I’ve taught in Steiner and Reggio Emilia Kindergartens and draw from both these philosophies in my teaching. The Kindergarten is such a positive environment to work in. The children live very much in the moment and are filled with optimism and interest as they go about exploring their ideas, making friends, and mastering skills. When I’m not teaching I enjoy looking after our local Bush Reserve, growing veggies and bike riding and snorkelling with my family.

Ellysa Cunningham

4 Year Old  Teacher

Hello my Name is Ellysa ! I am so excited to work together with you all at North Ringwood Preschool. This is my second year at the preschool and thoroughly enjoy working here. It is a beautiful kinder and community. I am currently studying my Diploma of Children Services and almost finished. Once completed I intend to start the Bacher of Early Education. I have been working in the early childhood Education industry for 8 years.

Before my position here, I have worked in long daycare settings and as a nanny.

I believe every child is unique and will learn at their own pace and in the own way. I believe every child should have the opportunity to learn and reach their full potential in every aspect of life. My passion is to teach and watch children learn through play in their environment using natural resources and exploring open ended activities.

I went to school at Tintern School in Ringwood east, so know the area quite well. I have a 3 year old daughter Zaylee who I love watching learn and grow. I love camping and being outdoors. I especially enjoy going camping with family and friends.

Lynn Lei

3 & 4 Year Old Teacher

My name is Lynn and I am the King Parrot’s 3-year-old co-educator here at North Ringwood Preschool. I am so glad to be working with Claire-Marie, to create a safe, supportive, stimulating and educational environment for our lovely children.

I have a Diploma of Community Service and used to work as the Leisure & Lifestyle Assistant in aged care. I was very passionate about providing a holistic approach to someone in need. After having brought up my child to school age, all the more I realise how fundamentally important early childhood is for a child. Therefore, I grew a new passion in this field. I am holding a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care & Certificate IV in Education Support. Every child is unique and uses their own way to explore the world. “Learning by Playing”, I will give our children full respect and support them to explore their ideas, make friends, and master skills. In my spare time, I love drawing, cooking and travelling with my family.  

Nadia Fry

3 &4 Year Teacher

Hi my name is Nadia and I feel very fortunate to be working at North Ringwood Pre School. I have been in the Early Childhood Industry for over 6 years in various local childcare centres in long day care. Prior to this I worked with the Defence Department as a Human Resource Officer and the Education Department as an Employment Officer. I was also lucky enough to have operated my own business from home whilst

 my children were younger.

I am very passionate about children’s outdoor play and nature. The need for children to run, climb, play and get dirty, especially at a time when children are spending so many hours indoors, most are not getting the recommended daily levels

 of physical activity.

I live locally, in Warranwood, am married with 7 children (4 of which are step children) and am a Nanna to 10 beautiful grandchildren.

I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate to have visited many amazing places around the world. My next adventure is planned for 2022 where my husband and I are planning to do a lap of Australia for a minimum of 12 months, exploring this great country.

Pallavi Lele

4 Year Teacher

Hello Families,  I am Pallavi Lele. I  finished my Diploma In Early childhood Education and care in 2017. I am very excited to

 explore new learning 

opportunities at North Ringwood preschool and I am looking forward to Bush kinder. 

I am also working in Maroondah Preschool as a Diploma educator.

 I live locally and spend my free time with my family and friends.

I value families and the significant role they play in a child's life. 

My aim is to work in 

partnership with families, 

to establish respectful and caring relationship with your child.

I am looking forward to enjoying my time with your child, as we learn new exciting things.